Readers Respond - Interesting Statistics

One of my favorite features on Goodreads is polling. For me, the polls provide valuable insight into what hundreds (sometimes thousands) of readers think about various topics. Below are a few of the Goodreads polling questions and results that I found interesting as an author. (Result shown reflect August 1st data)


POLL: How did you find out about the last book you read?


This one, I realize, is slightly skewed, because it was created on Goodreads. Therefore, it’s likely the responses will reflect that. But what I found interesting is that 20% (or 31,525 readers) polled discovered their last book in a physical bookstore or at the library. For an online review site, I would have expected these numbers to be lower. Personally, I love that people still go to an actual bookstore and their local library. I’m a huge supporter of my local library. Although I love my eReader, for me, there’s still something soothing about holding an actual book in my hands while I read.

Which leads us to the next poll…


POLL: Do you use your tablet primarily for eReading?


37% of readers polled use a tablet or eReader device. But more surprising to me is that 29% (53,188 readers) polled do not have a tablet and DON’T want to read on one. Only 12% of readers polled who reported they don’t use one, responded that they want one.


I would have thought usage to non-usage for tablets and eReaders would have been split 50/50, or that eReaders would have a slight edge.


POLL: What’s your favorite type of book ending?


I started this poll with one of the reading groups I participate in - Young Adult Enthusiasts, and although the results didn’t completely surprise me, it validated what I had suspected readers would say. 83% of readers polled said they would want either a shocking or happy ending. I think using these results, it would be fair to say that a book with both will likely be a more enjoyable read than one without the other.


POLL: When choosing a book how important is the company that published it?


Good news for small publishers and indie authors. 99.9% of readers don’t seem to care about who publishes a book when looking for something to read.


POLL: Would you read a book only based on the cover and the description?


39% of readers polled would definitely read a book based on the cover and description alone. 47% polled said they might consider it.


Bottom line (not too surprising): What’s on the outside of a book is as important to readers as what is on the inside.


What do you think of these statistics? Are there stats on Goodreads or other sites that contradict these? Other stats that you find interesting?


Would love to hear.