Spring-Ford High School Students Test Read Next Book

Kim Lehman  has learned that there is only one constant when crafting a story--it always changes. "By the time I finished my debut novel, Righteous, I had written over two hundred thousand words and used less than half of that for the final book. The main character traits also changed multiple times, the plot and conflicts were tweaked, and the book cover went through four different designs before it was final. It's crazy how much a book evolves, but it's all part of the process."


Her forthcoming, sophomore novel seems to be going through the same treatment. The students of the Spring-Ford High School Reading Club in Royersford, PA recently had an opportunity to test read Kim Lehman's novel, Chubby, and there was one general consensus: The title of the story had to change. The students thought the title was too middle grade; too young for their taste and it didn't relfect the overall tone of the book.


"This is why I love working with the Spring-Ford High School Reading Club. Being able to have teenagers test read my book is invaluable for me. They tell it like it is, they say what they want, and they provide ideas that are more relevant and current; stuff they can relate to today. Ultimately, they help make me a better young adult writer."


The new title and book cover for Kim's next book is below. The book is scheduled to be released in the next few months. More information about the book can be found here.