I Think I'm Flunking Social Media


 I’ve been taking some time to educate myself on the best ways to manage social media for personal and business use, because I feel like the only thing I’m good at is picking out which filter I want to use on my photos. It’s sad. If social media were a class in high school, I would have failed miserably by now. I do everything they tell you not to:


  • I post inconsistently (sometimes skipping full weeks)
  • I don't have a defined brand
  • I overshare happiness (apparently people hate happy)



I imagine a social media guidance counselor bringing me into his/her office:




GC: “I understand you’re having problems with social media.”

Me: “If by problems, you mean a conceptual lack of understanding on how to effectively use it, then yes, that’d be me.”

GC: “When you post, are you posting organically?”

Me: “You mean pictures of non-GMO and pesticide-free foods?”

GC: “I mean pictures that reflect your personality and interests.”

Me: “I guess I just don’t understand why people would care about that.”

GC: “I see. Well, what about sharing articles you like?”

Me: “With who?”

GC: “Everyone following you.”

Me: “I don’t know. That seems a little general, don’t you think? Not everyone has the same interest in reading material.”

GC: [Blank Stare]

Me: “What if I share pictures of my dog? He sleeps eighty percent of the day and licks himself the other twenty, but there are occasional moments of cuteness.”

GC: “Okay. I think I’m going to recommend that we move you down a class. There’s a course for the social media challenged that I think would fit you better.”

Me: “Fine. As long as you don’t make me use Snapchat.”


This. Is. My. Life.


I spend more time debating what I should be posting than actually posting. Do other authors, business owners and entrepreneurs go through this? I know the tip about scheduling posts through Hootsuite and Latergram. Been there, do that (poorly), but it just doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t save time. There has to be a better way!


I guess I’ll keep trying to figure it out. Social media does have its moments of fun, like when Anna Kendrick tweets a laugh, or when TASTY posts a mouthwatering vid. Mmmm. Yeah.


All you social pros out there... I welcome any helpful suggestions that don't require a lot of time, moolah ($), or someone else posting for me. That feels a bit disingenuous. I'm saving that option for total desperation. Anything else, though... send away.


In the meantime, like me on the FB, tweet me on the birdie, or tag me on the photogrammy. *wink wink*


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