Her Name Was Eve

by Kim Lehman

One of 16 stories featured in

The Life Unexpected: An Anthology of Stories and Poems



Jordan, a high school teenager, reveals a secret to her mother that she has been hiding for weeks. The conversation does not go well. Unthinkable words are spoken. Rash decisions  are made. As a result, the relationship of Jordan and her mother is forever altered. 


The story of a mother, a daughter,

the power of forgiveness, and the effects of regret. 








“The art of life is not controlling what happens to us, but using what happens to us.” ― Gloria Steinem


The Life Unexpected

An Anthology of Stories and Poems


We plan.  We dream.  We imagine and say, ‘what if'. Then one day something - or maybe everything - changed. How did you get where you are now?


What happened that you never saw coming and how did that change your life? This rich anthology explores the "life unexpected". . . its surprises—welcome or unwelcome—unplanned adventures, twists and turns that lead to new discoveries and personal revelations in

changing and challenging times.


Released Nov. 25, 2015




$16.99 Paperback

$4.99 e-Book


PRAISE FOR The Life Unexpected


A diverse group of voices and perspectives, this collection of poetry and prose will break your heart, then warm it right back up again.” ~ Gabriela Pereira Founder of DIY MFA and author of DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community


“An inspiring and diverse collection about life’s surprises... a creative treasure of women's voices and stories.” ~ Cathleen O'Connor, PhD and author of 365 Days of Angel Prayers


“This collection of memoir and fiction offers a window into the ‘life unexpected’... The writers in this anthology have explored the family terrain in all its complexity with poignant honesty.” ~ Suzi Banks Baum Editor of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood A Voice


"The anthology contains stories thoughtfully arranged along an arc from loss to redemption to hammered strength and nobility. The stories are beautifully interspersed with photos and poems for contemplation. Think about buying more than one. One for yourself and others for gifts." ~ Dr. Andrea Hornett, retired Temple University Assistant professor, author of numerous research publications


"This anthology is a treasure trove of lived experiences that strikes a universal chord about the human condition—a love gone wrong, a missing father, a beloved son taken too soon, a couple’s struggle to conceive, a woman reflecting on her life and choices, to name a few. Each story, narrated as prose or poetry, is written from the heart of each of the sixteen women who share their regrets, self-discoveries and triumphs honestly and openly. In sharing their unique perspectives about the highs and lows in their lives, I found a sacred connection to my own story. The stories evoked a wide range of emotions in me as I nodded, chuckled and wiped the tears from my eyes through the events on the pages. This microcosm of the daily life of a generation of women mirrors the twists and turns of our times and surely will echo its wisdom and inspiration for many generations to come." ~ Kathleen Pooler, author





Full list (and order) of stories and authors included in the anthology:

Colorado Getaway by Riley Jaxson

Punch Buggy by Rae Theodore

Touch of Gold by Lori Vermuelen

Passage to the City by Flo Shore

Vision Quest by Flo Shore

Out of Control by Maureen Barry

Her Name Was Eve by Kim Lehman

A Daughter’s Dilemma by Ginger Murphy

My Father’s Daughter by Patty Kline-Capaldo

The Disappearance of Pete by Elaine Eggermann Allen

The Absent Father by Terri Kiral Wakefulness by Flo Shore

A Mother Is Forever by Marilyn E. Lange

The Happiness List by Rachel Stevenson

Awaken by Elaine Eggermann Allen

A Christmas Lesson in Hope by Stephanie Lucas Christenson Basile

For Amy by Stephanie Lucas Christenson Basile

Lines by Jeannette Perosa

Reflections of a Grieving Mother by Sandy West

A Great Silence by Flo Shore 


Lydia’s Choice by Susan G. Weidener