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Amazing, extremely spectacular!” – BookDepository.com


“Why aren’t more people reading this fabulous book? This is a hidden gem! … EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS!”  – Lorie, Goodreads Reviewer


“People run out of your house and go the closest bookstore and buy this book. Love, love, loved it.”  –Jenna, Goodreads Reviewer


“There is someone for everyone to relate to in this book. Kim Lehman's writing style is amazing, I was engulfed in the story. Righteous touched my heart. Everyone needs to read this book!” –D.C., Goodreads Reviewer


This book is awesome! I adored Righteous right from the first page.” – Cheryl Beck, Educator at Orange County Public Schools

Righteous, Novel, Kim Lehman


Debut Novel by Kim Lehman

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A story about a troubled girl and her effed up, going-nowhere life.


Praise for RIGHTEOUS:

Tiffany Yates-Martin at FoxPrint Editorial says,

“Lehman has done a great job creating an alienated heroine with a cynical edge, while clueing the reader in to her secret vulnerabilities and making you root for her. That's a tricky balancing act between a character seeming so disaffected . . . Lehman walks that line beautifully.”


Quick witted, sharp-tongued, eighteen-year-old Righteous Andrews is a troubled teen. At the start of her senior year of high school she doesn’t have any friends, she lives in a trailer park with her emotionally deranged mother, and the only person she can confide in is a seventy-five-year old woman with dementia who can’t remember a thing she says. And because of her mediocre grades, Righteous’ future is just as bleak; she is pretty much guaranteed to get into the University of Nowhere.


Through it all she maintains a strong demeanor, but inside she struggles to get over her past - a father who deserted her before she was even born and the friends who turned their backs on her when she needed them most. Everything that has happened has left her with questions, it’s made her guarded, untrusting, and it’s ruined every new relationship she has.


Just when she thinks her life cannot possibly get any worse, on the first day of her senior year, she gets in trouble and lands in the principal’s office… again. There she meets Colt Jackson, the new kid. He seems to start showing up everywhere she doesn’t want him to be. Soon her crazy life is no longer just crazy… it’s perpetually doomed. At least, that’s what she thinks.


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